Developing powerful algorithms for human-machine teaming

Illumination Works builds scalable artificial intelligence solutions for increased accuracy, predictive insights, and better decision making 

  • Predict future values, estimate probabilities, and infer unknowns
  • Classify objects, detect associations, and identify outliers
  • Analyze bigger, more complex data fast with accurate results
  • Tool agnostic with experience in Python, R, C and Java

Our data scientists are up-to-date with the latest research, algorithms, and industry best practices 


Organize data elements and standardizes how they relate to one another and to the properties of real-world entities with techniques such as logical, predictive, classification, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and natural language processing


Develop machine learning custom-built training algorithms that follow a process rather than specific instructions including speech recognition and includes supervised and unsupervised model training


Easy-to-use graphical interface with drill-down capabilities to explore and model under-utilized data for discovery and predictions as a means to drive insights for data-driven decision making

Deep expertise across a range of industries including Air Force and Commercial

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