Business Rules Engine

Implementing business rules with a precise and automated method

Illumination Works provides business analysts and developers with a consistent and straightforward way to manage complex business rules and improve reporting

  • Unifies rules and processes to a single location
  • Increases flexibility with improved accuracy
  • Easy to maintain and change data models
  • Rapid identification of imbalance cause and remedy
  • Allows for what-if rules scenarios
  • Easily applied to any industry data

Delivers substantial time savings to provide businesses a significant competitive advantage

Limited Scope Master Data Management

Establish master data to create fundamental building blocks for proper execution of processes shared across business units and systems

Business Rules Tables, Structures & Metadata

Create metadata tables with a series of complex rules that tell the engine where to look up more rules if needed and enforce very strict, referential integrity

Ingestion Framework for Unified Data Landing Area

Illumination Works’ proven Ingestion Framework methodology is a metadata-driven approach that allows new sources to be added easily with pre-built templates

Analysis & Reporting

Business intelligence and web user interface designs to enable users to perform queries on data and create reports as well as applying coding languages such as Python and R for deeper analysis and insights

Deep expertise across a range of industries including Air Force and Commercial

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