Big Data Platform Analytics Outcomes

ILW has been helping Fortune 25 retailer build organic big data capabilities as the primary provider for big data, architecture, infrastructure, and advanced analytics.

Key Results


Conditioned Based Maintenance

Determined the optimal point to replace/repair refrigeration unit versus waiting for failure or set schedule.

Pharmacy Fraud Detection

Uncovered pharmacy fraud and theft by identifying anomalies in data when looking at typical pharmacy performance indicators.

Supplier Strategic Sourcing

Improved time to identify profitability for bulk packaging by supplier, product, region, and time period from 40 days to 18 hours.


Insightful Customer Analytics

Categorized and related unstructured date; stored mobile logs, weblogs, marketing campaign data, and transactions in their native unstructured format.

Complex dual-fed Hadoop clusters are performing real-time analytics.



Supply Chain


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