Integrative Design

Pairing user-centered and information design principles with AI/ML support

Illumination Works’ integrative design solution is an enhanced human-centered approach taking user interfaces and user experiences one step further 

Many user interfaces inadvertently cause stress to the user and cause technical burden in terms of poor usability, reduced efficiency, and increased workload for the user. Our UI/UX processes identify opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for human-machine teaming to reduce resource cognitive load, improve data quality at the point of entry, and decrease user stress.

Benefits of Enhanced Integrative Design

  • Increase system usability with an intuitive UI
  • Improve UX such as drop-downs informed by a machine
  • Increase situational awareness
  • ML/AI to enhance human in the loop – keeping the human the hero
  • Support downstream analytics and decision making
  • Align user needs to transformation goals
  • Develop executable technical roadmap
  • Adapt roadmap to changing data sources
  • Provide incremental baselines in alignment with user analytics

Our UI/UX designers leverage an adaptive toolkit of synergistic and parallel processes for developing user experiences leading to fast downstream analytics and increased confidence in decision making

Human-Machine Teaming

Combine user-centered design with human-computer interaction

User-Centered Design

Create user interfaces to enhance and individualize the user experience

Situational Awareness

Enable users to be aware of information that supports their goals

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Integrative Design Customer Journey (Case Studies)