Statistical & Predictive Analytics

Solving complex analytical problems through smart extrapolation

Illumination Works creates predictive analytics and statistical modeling solutions, enabling businesses to continuously discover valuable new insights quickly and easily

  • Predictive and prescriptive estimates, trends, and patterns
  • Extrapolate from existing data to fill in gaps in knowledge
  • Reveal meaningful patterns and relationships
  • Bespoke models and ad-hoc analytics
  • Continuous testing and improvement for model integrity

Developing automated pattern recognition software to find connections hidden beneath the surface


Turn data into actionable information, unlock hidden value, exploit patterns found in data to identify risks and opportunities, and improve confidence levels—moving the analysis bar from reactive and descriptive to proactive and prescriptive

Data Healing

Leverage existing data to correct errors in datasets by using statistical and predictive models. Convert static datasets into self-healing agents by developing custom analytical models

Statistical Methods

Use state-of-the-art data science techniques to implement statistical and probabilistic models for real-world datasets as well as leverage existing feature relationships to reveal patterns in data

Deep expertise developing and applying statistical analyses and models to provide insights using existing data

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