Decision Support for Cyber Hygiene

Customer Challenge

The Air Force maintenance community required assistance leveraging maintenance data to identify cyber hygiene events that may affect weapon systems.

Innovative Solution

Illumination Works installed the PTC ThingWorx IoT platform and performed a deep dive into the maintenance activities for the F-16 airframe and associated support equipment. This included developing the modeling approach and initial model visualizations detailing maintenance actions by geographic location. Our team also developed a classifier model to predict whether the narrative field of a given maintenance record is related to F-16 cyber hygiene (model was 99% accurate).


  • Identification of additional sources of data that would help construct a 360 view of cyber hygiene
  • Findings that can be leveraged to improve TCTO/TO compliance, ensure virus definition currency, and identify bad actors and cyber events


  • ThingWorx Analytics and Python
  • Modeling and visualizations
  • Natural language processing and machine learning
  • REMIS on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance records

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