Edge Data Management & Analytics

Customer Challenge

The Navy required a novel and innovative solution to improve maintenance and ship operational readiness for timely, accurate information and pro-active decision making.

Innovative Solution

Illumination Works data experts extended our existing metadata-driven framework to add critical components to address Navy edge data challenges to provide secure transmission for information resiliency, with reduced information overload with analytic filtering, to enable local analytics in low bandwidth/processing  scenarios.


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to smart-select and optimize data transmitted over limited bandwidth channels
  • Metadata-driven for easy configuration​ of business rules and priorities
  • Information resiliency framework leveraging hierarchical blockchains for built-in data immutability and nonrepudiation
  • Asynchronous, bi-directional, re-transmit mechanisms for information accuracy and trust for decision making
  • Dynamic remote ability to instantly retrain and upgrade to the edge via machine learning

Business Value

  • Proactively provides access to ship operational performance status to support condition-based maintenance (CBM) and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and affordably maintain the fleet
  • Shore shipyards avoid surprises when sea vessels return to port
  • Minimizes equipment/ship down time
  • Blockchain creates trust in data and confidence in decisions


  • Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
  • Python programming language
  • Sensors, logs and operational data

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