Data Services Cloud Migration Support

Customer Challenge

The Air Force Data Services program management office had the requirement move their program to the cloud to gain efficiencies and leverage CloudOne (Azure) infrastructure security mandates.

Innovative Solution

Illumination Works leveraged existing Data Services development experience to support data ingestion and movement to the cloud. Our team modified the on-prem file handling to be able to dual process in the on prem and cloud environments and move files from blob storage to the Informatica drive for processing in the cloud.


  • Cloud and on-prem environment optimized to operate at the same speed
  • Consistent data quality between environments
  • Recommendations for shutting off the on prem environment and turning on the cloud environment


  • Knowledge of existing data and
    data structures
  • On-prem and cloud environments
  • Blob storage, Informatica, Kornshell, Perl, json

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