On-Demand Maintenance Analytics for Logistics

Customer Challenge

The Air Force requires improved analytic insights on their maintenance, logistics, and contract data.

Innovative Solution

ILW developed a platform to provide USAF users with information access at three user/functionality levels – dashboards, exploration, and data science. This tools provides integrated, visualized, and raw data for powerful analytics tools to gain new insights for data-informed decision making.


  • Dashboard Layer (general users) – Visually-appealing and user-responsive graphics and charts with drill down functionality
  • Analysis Layer (analysts) – Cleansed and prepared data that is ready for new analysis and visualization
  • Data Science Layer (data scientists, highly-skilled analysts) – Raw datasets to join disparate data, perform feature engineering, create predictive models, and analyze and visualize data in novel and meaningful ways

Business Value

Insights across disparate sets for process improvements and improved leadership decision making


  • Database & Other Tools: PostgreSQL, Couchbase, Singularity, Apache Web Server
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning: Python, R, C/C++, KNIME
  • Visualizations: Angular Web App, React, Superset, Tableau
  • Data: AFTOC, EXPRESS, D200, FPDSng, JDRS, Manpower, REMIS, Technical Orders, Contracts

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