Big Data

Unlock hidden value in large complex data sets

Big data is about the speed of managing a wide variety of structured and unstructured data to open the door for new and undiscovered analytic insights for business value

  • Maximize the value of your data
  • Extreme flexibility, easy access
  • Turn data into actionable information
  • Faster time for answers
  • Modern, scalable, dynamic
  • Single version of the truth

Big data enables predictive reporting, business intelligence, self service, discovery analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Platform Engineering

Customized big data lake environments, powerful infrastructures, and reusable frameworks for real-time decision making

Automated Data Ingestion

Metadata-driven, low-code and repeatable framework that adapts easily to change and enforces security and standards

Speed to Analytics

Leverage massive parallel process framework for data optimization to enable fast answers from diverse data sets

End-to-End Solutioning

Work with customers to develop their customized big data strategy and implement big data architecture best practices

Deep expertise building big data infrastructures since 2011 to enhance business value and decision making across a range of industries, including retail, banking, manufacturing, insurance, and more

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