In-Depth Learning

Optimized decision making leveraging modern, robust AI/ML, and human-factors driven visualizations

Illumination Works uses human-machine teaming leveraging AI/ML for predictive and prognostic insights for improved decision making 

Kystone™ In-Depth Learning

  • Supports cognitive processing of results by analysts
  • Optimizes planning, scheduling, and outcomes
  • Consistent approach to preparing, investigating, experimenting, and managing AI models
  • Focused repeatable pipelines and processing
  • Constant monitoring and retraining of ML in deployment

Our data experts synergistically leverage three Kystone™ Accelerators – NLP, Analytics, and Visualize – to customize an In-Depth Learning solution specific to your data and unique requirements

AI/Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Extensive and novel natural language processing techniques and standardized pipelines 
  • Automatic discovery of high-quality records for machine learning training (don’t have to figure out manually what is good and what isn’t)
  • Automatic network discovery for quick understanding of relationships and dependencies between data elements
  • Fusion of AI and human factors—human machine teaming process

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