Kystone™ Solutioning

Accelerator toolkits and processes to enable decision making efficiently, easily, and with trust

Kystone™ is the key to unlocking your data with scalable processes and tools for quickly analyzing, cleansing, integrating, and exploiting disparate data sets for decision making

As data continues to increase, many organizations struggle to get their hands around and effectively use their data. Kystone™ provides scalable processes and tools for our team to quickly analyze, cleanse, integrate, and exploit disparate data sets for rapid decision making.

Order from Chaos – Kystone™

  • Accelerate speed to outcomes
  • Combine the right Accelerators for fast solutioning
  • Enhance data movement processes
  • Improve data quality, cleanse, and exploit
  • Always automate where possible
  • Reduce manual data wrangling and human errors
  • Gain insights via machine learning and visualization

Our data experts help customers get meaning out of your data faster by determining the right combination of accelerators, processes, and tools to solve your data problems with maximum efficiency

Information Quality

Predictive/prescriptive models that learn from past data and provides accurate data for business decision making

Edge Analytics

Accurate, real-time, local, and novel remote decision management for low bandwidth communication

In-Depth Learning

Robust AI, machine learning, human factors-driven visualizations to optimize decision making

Information Readiness

Accelerate, automate, and facilitate data collection, understanding, and integration of disparate data


Inherit trust and security for multiple remote data contributors to comply with regulations using blockchain technology


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