Kystone™ Accelerators

Modular, flexible, and repeatable processes and supporting tools to enable getting meaning out of your data faster

Kystone™ Accelerators embody processes, practices, tools, and templates necessary to build a strong foundation for data exploitation

Strong foundation for efficient, repeatable solutioning

  • As the amount of data continues to increase, many organizations struggle to get their hands around and effectively use their data
  • Accelerators are designed to provide the highest degree of automation while still enabling speed and scalability
  • Especially powerful when synergistically combined by our experts to address your specific data problems and challenges

Adaptable to multiple problems —  Our accelerators are modular so we look at how can we apply these processes and tools to solve your specific data challenges


Metadata-driven data acquisition and ingestion to reduce and simplify your data engineering


Metadata driven-data discovery capability to reduce learning curve and automatically identify data relationships, value, and ease downstream data fusion


Artificial intelligence-driven data quality engine providing comprehensive suite to identify and correct data quality issues at their source, including human-in-the-loop verification and fully automated capabilities


Information resiliency and data compromise detection/reconciliation capability to provide end-to-end data providence and lineage



Flexible and customizable natural language processing pipelines for unstructured data exploitation


Efficient artificial intelligence/machine learning pipelines for predictions, discovery, and analytics, including model quality monitoring and human understandable prediction reasoning


Human factors-driven analytics visualization processes to minimize cognitive load and maximize decision making

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