Information Readiness

Accelerate, automate, and facilitate data collection, understanding, and integration of disparate data

Illumination Works helps customers collect and prepare data faster to focus analyst and subject matter experts time on what they do best—discover new insights! 

Kystone™ Information Readiness

  • Quickly ingest data sets to get access to data for analysis
  • Collect and prepare data faster through templating, profiling, and automating the information readiness process
  • Templates are used by the ingestion tools to generate code that can run on any platform and load to and from multiple targets and sources
  • Take advantage of unstructured and structured data at the same time

Our data experts synergistically leverage two Kystone™ Accelerators – Profile and Ingest – to customize an Information Readiness solution specific to your data and unique requirements

Improved speed and productivity with proven ingestion framework 

  • 50-80% of analysts and data scientists’ time comprises preparing data for analysis
  • Enable complex analytics with speed and flexibility for decision making analytics 
  • Subject matter experts or domain users generate and complete metadata templates to generate code
  • Accomodates federated or centralized data exploitation processes
  • Changes in metadata, sources, frequencies, or interfaces only require updating metadata templates

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