Information Quality

Artificial intelligence techniques offer efficient, automated solutions for healing data errors

Illumination Works uses machine learning to automate self-healing of data to improve data-driven mission planning, scheduling, and outcomes

Kystone™ Information Quality

  • Leverages natural language processing, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and statistical learning
  • Information dominance with trusted, reliable intelligence
  • Automated, domain-informed data cleansing
  • Improves quality at point of entry or point of analytics
  • Provides error detection and error correction
  • Identifies and heals data of errors in an automated way

Our data experts synergistically leverage four Kystone™ Accelerators – Quality, NLP, Analytics, and Visualize – to customize an information quality solution specific to your data and unique requirements

Recent Successes

  • Corrected errors by extracting information from accurate text fields and correcting errors in coded fields using NLP coupled with supervised and unsupervised ML models
  • Modeled conditional relationships between variables to infer erroneous data and predict most likely correct information
  • Built explanation component to provide end users with human understandable reasoning for predicted error correction (helps with end-user buy-in)

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