Visual Analytics

Speeding understanding of data and models for better decision making

Illumination Works develops intuitive, interactive data and model visualizations to increase user situational awareness and focus decision makers on primary areas of interest

  • Speed data and model understanding with graphics
  • Reduce user’s cognitive load
  • Increase business understanding through visuals
  • User-focused, repeatable integrative design approach identifies key factors for visualization

Delivers substantial operational efficiency and time savings by providing businesses with intuitive tools to interrogate enriched data and predictive models for data-driven decision-making and competitive advantage

Interactive Visualization

Easy-to-use graphical interfaces with drill-down capabilities to explore data and models for insight discovery and data-driven decision making

User-Focused Design

Trusted user-focused design approach identifies key elements to be presented to end-users


Business intelligence and web user interface designs to enable users to perform queries on data and create reports as well as applying coding languages for deeper analysis and insights


Deep expertise developing and implementing interactive visual analytic tools to enable decision makers

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