Natural Language Processing

Natural language understanding through intelligent extraction, summarization, analysis, and prediction

Illumination Works offers cutting-edge NLP-based solutions that enable customers to understand and leverage the vast knowledge hidden in documents, chats, emails, and reviews

  • Speed understanding by extracting key information embedded in text with our NLP toolkit
  • Understand what customers are saying
  • Directly convert narrative text to coded value predictions and reduce data entry workload
  • Repeatable approach captures nuances in common and domain-specific natural language

Our Data Scientists are industry leaders with NLP, linguistics, text understanding, and summarization 

Ease Data Entry

Automatically predict coded fields from textual data elements rather than having to remember thousands of codes

Intelligent Document Processing

Summarize your documents by extracting the key concepts, human and non-human players, and their interactions 

Document Classification & Anomaly Detection

Make sense of large document datasets with classical and deep learning classification techniques and clear out noise with text-based anomaly detection 

Identify Semantic Similarity

Leverage deep learning-based models to compare documents based on their underlying meaning

Deep expertise using language algorithms to unlock information hidden in documents

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