Data Science

Transforming data into insights for better decision making and competitive advantage

Illumination Works’ human-centered data science approach begins with understanding our customer’s business questions and answering their most pressing business challenges by maturing the value of data via machine learning, natural language processing, and statistical analysis

  • Turn data into actionable information
  • Unlock hidden value in data
  • Derive high-quality information from text
  • Exploit patterns to identify risks and opportunities
  • Unlock black box of machine learning via human interpretable models
  • Repeatable workflow and processes enable rapid engagement with new data for speedy business value

Solve business problems with statistics, probability, and machine learning to find unknown unknowns, make predictions, and assign probabilities

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Learn from past data to generate predictive and prescriptive models that drive accurate decision making for the business

Natural Language Processing

Provide natural language understanding by modeling and structuring text

Statistical & Predictive Analytics

Smart exploitation of data enables identification of hidden patterns and predictive outcomes providing key business insights

Visual Analytics

Visualize models and data in meaningful ways that enable decision making

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