Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Applying powerful algorithms for human-machine teaming

Illumination Works develops and trains machine learning models of varying complexity and builds scalable artificial intelligence solutions for increased accuracy, predictive insights, and better decision making

  • Predict future values, estimate probabilities, and infer unknowns
  • Classify objects, detect associations, and identify outliers
  • Analyze bigger, more complex data fast with accurate results
  • Enable business to take action based on their data
  • Up-to-date with the latest research and algorithms

Our data scientists approach solving business problems by understanding the uniqueness and complexity of each use case and implementing the appropriate analytical techniques to address business needs

Custom Model Development

Develop highly accurate machine learning custom-trained models that can be leveraged with confidence by the business

Data Healing

Leverage high-quality information from the domain to identify and correct errors in datasets via customized machine learning models

Human-Interpretable Machine Learning

Provide transparency and trust in AI by providing human-understandable reasoning for model predictions

Operationalize Machine Learning

Deploy and maintain machine learning systems in production via reliable and consistent processes 

Deep expertise across a range of industries including defense, retail, healthcare, and insurance

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