Cloud-Based Big Data Analtyics

Customer Challenge

ILW helped an educational content, technology, and services company visualize their digital customer data through data science, enabling analytics outcomes for business decisions. 

Innovative Solution

Illumination Works set up a cloud-based Databricks Notebooks to query, analyze, and visualize the company’s digital customer data stored in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). This implementation provided an end-to-end platform for data analysis and processing, enabling the use of existing big data. This allowed the company’s data science team to use Scala, Python, and SQL to turn their data into value.


  • Configured Databricks around Apache Spark to create a hosted platform and workspace
  • Implemented advanced reading and computation of Hive and Spark directly from S3 for analysis
  • Leveraged Redshift as a backend for SSAS


  • Databricks Notebooks
  • Databricks Workspace
  • Hive
  • Spark
  • Scala
  • Amazon S3

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