Performance Tuning & Best Practices

Customer Challenge

A training and certification company was experiencing severe database and application problems resulting in reduced customer trust of their system and an inability to keep pace with their growing business.

Innovative Solution

Illumination Works used deadlock graph analysis to effectively eliminate database deadlocks that were causing incorrect certification statuses to be communicated to clients. Our team performed real-time system monitoring leveraging a best practice tuning methodology to identify the underlying issue and update the procedure to eliminate timeouts.


  • Significantly decreased deadlocks and timeouts for improved bottom line
    –10 specific application timeouts eliminated
    –20-25 database deadlock types eliminated
  • Improved database configuration overall database performance
  • Improved customer trust in their system


  • Amazon Web Services SQL Server RDS
  • Brent Ozar Tuning Methodology
  • Internal DBA Experience
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Best Practice
  • Database Deadlock Graph Utilization
  • Database Procedure Tuning
  • Database Index Tuning

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