Data Quality & Lineage Mapping

ILW assisted a retail company experiencing an operational standstill and extensive metadata challenges across terabytes of data by implementing custom and COTS-based data orchestration, data lineage, and data quality capabilities to provide customer-sought outcomes and operational insight.

With cost pressures, lack of validation processes in place, and the need for specialized Oracle expertise, ILW attacked the company’s problems and constraints from multiple fronts while keeping the legacy systems in tact.

Key Results

Implemented custom and COTS-based orchestration, data lineage, and data quality capabilities

Approximately 7.5 million customers and 20 million transactions

Overcame scale challenges with native ingestion and sequential processing

Mapped dependencies and interdependencies to accomplish record matching and validation and cleansed the data

Technologies Leveraged

Consultants used various data science technologies including, Talend, Linux/Oracle, Spring/Maven, SQL, Unix, IBM Netezza, PCI Encryption.

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