Automated Maintenence Data Capture Agent

The Illumination Works Automated Maintenance Data Capture Agent enables real-time data capture during maintenance execution by providing maintainers with an easier, seamless way to enter data verbally via mobile device. This capability reduces time and effort needed to document actions while improving data quality through standardization and predictions.

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Information captured in Air Force maintenance records provides vital data that can be used by numerous communities in planning, logistics, and specifically, condition-based maintenance (CBM) as well as other maintenance-related disciplines. However, today’s data capture process can be labor intensive and prone to errors and it is difficult to assure a high level of data quality given the vast amount of enumerated codes, parts, actions, and maintenance types as well as the heavy demands and time constraints on Air Force maintainers. 

Jon Mitchell

CEO/CTO, Illumination Works

Janette Steets, PhD

Director of Data Science, Illumination Works

Easing the data capture process reduces the time maintainers spend performing non-maintenance actions. Mobile technologies paired with machine learning offer an excellent pathway towards simplifying data capture and improving data quality. Providing maintainers with mobile technology allows them to interact with these technologies as part of the maintenance workflow. Moreover, mobile platforms have numerous software tools resident on devices that can be utilized to improve data collection. By leveraging speech-to-text software and a machine learning pipeline, a maintainer can simply dictate narratives into a device with the software, and their notes will be transcribed, relevant data elements extracted with the resulting data set recorded to the maintenance record.

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