Augmented Reality Art-of-the-Possible

Customer Challenge

The Air Force wanted to understand how augmented reality (AR) technologies could be leveraged to benefit maintenance work.

Innovative Solution

ILW created AR prototypes demonstrating disassembly of the T56 combusiton chamber and the F137 engine front pump gear, and trained engineers utilizing RealWear 2D headsets and AR software to create an assisted reality training prototype.


  • Built AR prototype leveraging 3D models provided by Rolls Royce, AFLCMC/LPE and purchased 3D assets to allow experience to be viewed “on aircraft” in virtual space
  • Built Assisted Reality prototype utilizing Realwear 2D wearable headset and Vuforia Expert Capture
  • Provided ongoing collaboration and AR research
  • Demonstrated AR prototypes to AFLCMC/LPE, 76th PMXG, and AFRL/RQTE program manager


  • Rolls Royce CAD files in Solidworks and PTC Creo format
  • C-130 Unity 3D model
  • Vuforia Studio and Experience Service
  • iPad, RealWear 2D headsets
  • Vuforia Expert Capture

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