Janette Steets, PhD

Director of Data Science

Janette Steets, Ph.D., is the Director of Data Science at Illumination Works. She is responsible for the expansion of the ILW Data Science Practice, providing support to ILW’s Government and Commercial Divisions in proposal development, project design, and data science marketing/sales. She leads and manages the ILW Data Science team, serving as a mentor for data scientists, facilitating their career growth and development. She also leads numerous client engagements, ensuring customer satisfaction via excellence in ILW’s project delivery. She has 20+ years of experience in research and data science, including extensive background in experimental design and statistical analysis. She brings skills in technical writing, having published over 25 articles in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals journals. For the past 4 years, Janette has worked extensively applying data science techniques to DoD aircraft maintenance and logistics data to gain new insights and turn data into actionable information.

Outside of work, Janette loves spending time with her amazing husband, son, daughter, and dog. She is a proud mother who loves to support her children during their academic and extracurricular activities, including Irish dance, Tae Kwon Do, running, swimming, and scouting. As a family unit, they enjoy cycling, hiking, baking, and cooking together. Janette also has a passion for running, which affords her some quiet time to process ideas.