Hugh Bolton has been named Chief Strategy Officer of Illumination Works. Bolton will help guide ILW’s strategy and help facilitate the high growth ILW desires. He will be crucial in our efforts in the intelligence community both in the local area and in the national capital region.

Bolton has a profound love for building relationships and finding successful opportunities. He is a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate with over 36 years of business experience in various roles and types of commercial and public sector organizations including: military, federal government, state government, non-profits, and publicly traded and private for-profit companies. He has held leadership roles in each. Bolton’s most current resume includes working highly classified programs as a Special Assistant in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and supporting technology transitions as Director of Commercialization and Senior Cyber & Intelligence Fellow at the Wright State University Research Institute.

ILW CEO, Jon Mitchell, has the utmost confidence in Bolton and believes with his leadership, ILW will reach new heights. Bolton has the same admiration for Mitchell and Mitchell’s tenacity stating, “I chose to take on the opportunity at Illumination Works because I believe in the company, but especially because I believe in Jon Mitchell and his energy and vision.” Bolton knows success is not just X’s and O’s: “The culture is the strength of ILW,” Bolton exclaims.

Hugh and his family enjoy the outdoors in his free time. Growing up on a lake in New Jersey, sailing was his first love. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, camping, and scuba diving – interestingly enough, Hugh is a certified scuba diver. When he is not outdoors, Hugh reads veraciously, he’ll read anything from math textbooks to fiction novels. One of the more recent mental challenges he has taken on is piecing together a flat black micro jigsaw puzzle with tweezers.