April 2018 – Agile Point is the sister company of the consulting firm Illumination Works (ILW). As the sister company, Agile Point focuses on technical staffing and recruiting versus ILW’s focus on solution creation and consulting services.

Agile Point was shaped out of the success of ILW’s recruiting processes. As ILW’s growth took off, so did the task of recruiting various types of individuals with a high skill level. In the process, ILW realized the company’s ability to provide the service of staffing for our clients in addition to the consulting of ILW. With staffing being a separate business strategy from ILW altogether, Agile Point was formed to accommodate the opportunity.

ILW’s Core Competencies are big data, cloud services, data science, agile, and app development. Agile Point will utilize ILW’s proven recruiting process to expand recruiting and staffing needs of its clients beyond ILW’s Core Competencies.

The recruiting process ensures high quality candidates and includes the use of extensive technical screenings. Agile Point builds relationships with candidates, works to understand their individual career goals and interests, and matches them with opportunities that best fit their personal profiles. Agile Point allows for more flexibility, growth and development of its consultants.

In 2018, Agile Point has published a brand new website and will expand its reach in order to follow-through with the year’s projected growth. Head over to www.agile-point.com to learn more about Agile Point.