Congratulations to Janette Steets, PhD & ILW Director of Data Science

Global Data Synthesis and Meta-Analysis

Janette leveraged her functional knowledge, experimental design, and statistical analysis expertise as a contributor to a world-wide study on plant pollination, which was five years in the making and recently published in a high-profile peer-reviewed journal, Nature Communications. For this study, a team of scientists performed global data synthesis and meta-analysis to determine how land use changes affect reproductive success of wild plants.

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About Janette

Janette Steets, PhD is the Director of Data Science at Illumination Works. She has 20+ years of experience in research and data science, including extensive background in experimental design and statistical analysis. She brings skills in technical writing, having published over twenty articles in well-respected journals. For the past 2 years Janette has worked extensively applying data science techniques to DoD aircraft maintenance and logistics data to gain new insights and turn data into actionable information.

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