Please join us in congratulating Steve Hannaford on the announcement of his retirement! Steve has been a valued member of Illumination Works since 2014, where he has performed in the role of Vice President and Director of Business Development for our Government Division.

We would like to express our gratitude to Steve for his contributions at Illumination Works and wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement!

Equipped with over 40 years of public service and business experience, Steve’s reputation in the government sector is everlasting. As an Air Force civilian and Chief, Acquisition Logistics Division at HQ AFMC/A4N at Wright-Patterson AFB, Steve implemented the largest successful information system in the Air Force. He accomplished this feat by taking successful aspects of different systems from the Navy and the defense finance accounting services while using middleware to tie it all together. This information system has nearly 50,000 users and is currently the same system used today.

During his career, Steve also led a transformation effort in the Air Force to completely change logistics, product support, and life cycle management. Reporting, training, certifications, and almost every other aspect was transformed during this process. Steve has always been an innovative thinker who believes that a good culture is more long term and a more successful way of doing business.

Steve has been an integral part of the ILW team, a friend and a mentor to many on the team. Steve’s commitment to excellence, passion for our people and dedication to our federal customers’ mission has positioned ILW for the future growth and success.

Jon Mitchell

CEO/CTO, Illumination Works

Steve will be greatly missed! Not only does Steve have extensive knowledge of Air Force logistics and an expansive network of connections, he has a passion for bringing quality solutions to our customers and a commitment to our people – always believing in, supporting and recognizing the excellence in our talented team.

Jan Turkelson

VP Government Division, Illumination Works

Steve’s areas of expertise have been many, including government acquisitions, requirements development, solicitations, proposal evaluation and development, program execution, sustainment planning, life cycle logistics, relationship management, budgeting/execution, decommissioning and program upgrades.

Steve’s passion is golf and his pride and joy is his large family that includes his wife, five daughters and their families, and an extra special fondness of his nine grandchildren. Once retired, Steve plans to continue spending time with his family, spoiling his grandchildren, and spending even more time on the golf course.


It’s been a privilege working with you, and now it’s an honor to join you in celebrating your retirement! Congratulations to you and best wishes on your next adventures!

— Your ILW Family

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