Illumination Works is proud to announce our award for an Army Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project to automatically process technical and logistics data, engineer relevant data features, apply artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) classifiers, and predict the suitability of parts for additive manufacturing (AM).

The Army seeks an AI-enabled decision support tool for AM engineers to speed the identification of parts for AM. Currently, Army AM engineers spend innumerable hours manually searching Army’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems to review and analyze technical and logistics data to determine part printability, which is an inefficient and costly endeavor.

For this effort, Illumination Works has proposed our Linnea Part Printability Recommendation System. In its end state, Linnea will integrate seamlessly into Army PLM systems. Illumination Works’ Linnea is an enabling technology for the Army that will greatly improve the productivity of AM engineers by automating much of their AM part candidacy analysis pipeline.

Linnea will bring tremendous cost savings across the Department of Defense (DoD) by automating the current manual process of identifying parts for AM. The automation will benefit all industries that manufacture parts, including construction, medical, transportation, and utility.


For more information, contact Jan Turkelson, Vice President, Government Division, or check out our Government page on our website.  

Illuminations Works is excited to partner with the Army on this effort. Illumination Works’ Linnea is an enabler for the Army that will apply ML techniques to help automate the current manual process of identifying parts for AM. This automation will facilitate the identification of a greater pool of parts for AM, improving operational readiness.

Janette Steets, PhD & Principal Investigator

Director of Data Science, Illumination Works

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