Illumination Works (ILW) is excited to announce the creation of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Center of Excellence (CoE).

ILW’s NLP CoE supports the exploration, adoption, and advocacy of NLP-centric technology, practices, and techniques across the organization, into the community, and with application to client-specific needs.

The Center leverages ILW’s broad base of practical experience within both government and commercial markets as well as extensive technical expertise across a comprehensive set of functional disciplines. Initial staffing for the Center draws individuals from ILW’s Government and Commercial Divisions together with our Marketing and Communications Department and Innovation Lab.

The discipline of NLP has seen many advances in recent years. ILW’s Data Science Practice is at the forefront to deliver on these advances and their benefits to clients. For many organizations, rich information is captured in textual format. Unfortunately, this textual information remains largely untapped. NLP techniques provide a mechanism to unleash the power of this information, providing organizations with new insights.

The focus of the CoE is to perform continuous engagement with research that helps our clients draw out new insights from their data. This in turn will improve decision making and increase business value across the enterprise.

The team will bring robust and repeatable processes, success metrics, and thought leadership to the space of Data Science and Machine Learning as well as promote staff skill development and retention, energize hiring, and act as a force multiplier for sales and marketing efforts.

For more information, contact Srini Anand or Janette Steets.

ILW’s NLP CoE comprises an interdisciplinary team that provides fast access to expertise in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and Machine Learning. This team brings innovative solutions that maximize impact and value for our customers.

Srini Anand

Data Scientist & NLP CoE Lead, Illumination Works

About Illumination Works

Illumination Works is a trusted technology partner in user-centric digital transformation, delivering impactful business results to clients through a wide range of services including big data information frameworks, data science, data visualization, and application/cloud development, all while focusing the approach on the end-user perspective. Established in 2006, ILW has offices in Beavercreek, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

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