Illumination Works is proud to announce our award for an Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project to automate manual inspection of explosive hazards on metallic ammunition scrap using artificial intelligence (AI). 

The US Army demilitarizes non-usable ammunition in rotary kiln incinerators after visual inspection conducted with manpower. The Army has a need for reliable, accurate, and repeatable detection of explosive hazard on metallic ammunition scrap. The current inspection process poses high labor costs, safety hazards, inaccuracies, and is limited by human vision, leading to error prone inspection results.

For this effort, Illumination Works will provide a modern approach using AI and machine learning (ML) to automate categorization of materials. Using Convolutional Neural Networks and comparative Edge Detection, our approach offers greater than two times the assurance of correct classification. An accurate scrap inspection and sorting capability will be provided using an ensemble approach that will provide high confidence in the automated discrimination of safe versus unsafe scrap materials.

Using x-ray, digital imaging, and AI/ML algorithms, Illumination Works’ automated process will provide reliability and repeatability to significantly reduce the workload of the operator, as well as decrease safety hazards to human operators and increase the accuracy of determining pure metal scrap.

We are excited to be working on a project that is a somewhat new focus area for Illumination Works, while also helping to bolster confidence in the safety and quality assurance domains for the Army. Building procedures to classify ammunition through images will bring a baseline capability to Illumination Works that we can continuously modify and improve upon for the benefit of the Army as well as future clients with similar needs.

John Tribble

Principal Investigator, Senior Data Scientist, Illumination Works

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