Illumination Works is proud to announce our award for an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) to offer our Odin solution, an enabling technology that will improve productivity of Department of the Air Force personnel by automating technical data delivery and data rights verification.

The Air Force manages thousands of contracts for aircraft and parts but lacks a consistent method for surveillance of technical data deliverables and verification of data rights markings. The Air Force has seen significant failures in understanding technical data and related acquisition of data rights of the technical data from the original equipment manufacturer. This gap has led to major defense program inefficiencies due to flawed knowledge of what technical or engineering data various lifecycle entities need to enable their tasks and decisions.

For this effort, Illumination Works offers Odin. This solution uses intelligent data fusion leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to produce robust, richly formatted data providing understanding of technical deliverables and connected contractual obligations. Odin will provide a key digital engineering capability in alignment with the Air Force Science & Technology strategy for rapid, effective decision-making by enabling programs with automated understanding and verification of their data deliverables and associated rights.

Key benefits include:

  • Assist with rapid understanding of technical data through a modern ML-driven approach
  • Automate textual data connections and linkages
  • Improve productivity of non-engineers who manually review technical or text documents

This effort will leverage and continue to build on our recently released Kystone™ Accelerators for NLP, Analytics, and VisualizeFor more information about Kystone™ check out our Press Release

Contact Jan Turkelson, Vice President, Government Division, to learn how Illumination Works can help you with your digital transformation needs.  

Illuminations Works is proud to partner with the Air Force on this critical endeavor. The Air Force community needs an automated capability, like Odin, for interrogating technical deliverables for accuracy of data rights markings and compliance with contractual obligations. Odin will augment existing manual workflows, improving productivity, information gathering, and knowledge sharing across the enterprise.
Janette Steets, PhD & Principal Investigator

Director of Data Science, Illumination Works

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