Illumination Works (ILW) is proud to announce our Automated Data Cleansing and Analysis Tool (ADCAT) is now “Awardable” through the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace. ADCAT applies machine learning (ML) approaches to automatically cleanse data of errors. ADCAT’s robust, optimized, and abstracted processes allow for easy scaling across domains and shortens the time to analytics, enabling faster and more accurate decision making for the enterprise.

Machine Learning for Self-Healing Data

Managing data assets has become increasingly important to DoD functional communities. Overall, poor data quality hinders the DoD’s ability to gain valuable and accurate insights from data. Given the volume of data, manual correction is ineffective and inefficient.

ADCAT’s machine learning-driven approach to data self-healing offers a powerful alternative by automatically cleansing data of errors, enabling valuable, accurate, and actionable insights from cleansed data.

DoD Data Strategy Mandate for AI-Readiness and AI-Competitiveness

As a TRL 7 capability, ADCAT is a robust, platform agnostic, modular solution for data cleansing that can be leveraged across domains with its abstracted processes, model quality monitoring capability, and intuitive user interface. ADCAT is comprised of four customizable core modules, allowing the best cleansing technology for each data set. The flexible ADCAT web-based application enables users to interact with the data cleansing results in a codeless environment including a human-in-the-loop functionality where users can review and validate ML-driven error corrections.

“Illumination Works is excited to have ADCAT posted on the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace so DoD organizations can benefit from this robust capability, which identifies and accurately repairs errors in data in an automated manner. ADCAT will allow organizations to have trust in the data feeding their analytics and decision making.”

Janette Steets, PhD

Director of Data Science, Illumination Works

“High quality data is the key to well-informed decision making. ADCAT’s ability to detect and correct errors in data makes it a powerful tool for improving data quality and decisions made using that data.”

Doug Mooney, PhD

Senior Data Scientist, Illumination Works

Data-driven decision making is dependent on quality data. Automating the self-healing of data with ADCAT enables the DoD to make rapid decisions, helps gain a competitive advantage over global adversaries, and provides cost savings with higher confidence in data-informed decision making while lowering technical risk.

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