Accelerate Readiness with ReadyX Decision Support Tool

ReadyX Decision Support Tool

Illumination Works’ ReadyX™ is a customized software bringing automation and predictive/prescriptive approaches to weapon system maintenance and sustainment planning through artificial intelligence and human-machine teaming. ReadyX enables a proactive maintenance posture leading to reduced life cycle costs and improved readiness.

While this thought leadership video speaks to ReadyX’s applicability to the DoD, ReadyX has great commercialization potential to any industry performing significant repair, maintenance, and overhaul functions, such as manufacturing, utility, airlines, cruise lines, transportation, and construction.

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ReadyX’s automation, predictive machine learning, and human-machine teaming will optimize your organization’s maintenance and sustainment planning, resulting in improved weapon system readiness and reduced life cycle costs.

Janette Steets, PhD

Director of Data Science

John Tribble

Principal Data Scientist

Kristen Workman

Software & UI Developer

ReadyX provides improved efficiencies by saving thousands of yearly manhours, easing the cognitive burden associated with planning, and providing personnel time to focus their attention on high priority areas. ReadyX automates data preprocessing steps and incorporates machine learning algorithms for failure forecasting and root cause analysis as well as simulation modeling to enable what-if scenario modeling of part demands and budget needs.

At a TRL 3, ReadyX is designed to be robust and scalable for eased integration into a DoD analytic environment. ReadyX provides a powerful alternative to optimize planning through machine learning and simulation modeling, providing planners with accurate, prioritized maintenance activities and spare procurement needs to better manage fleet sustainment.

If you find our ReadyX tool intriguing, reach out to Janette Steets for a deeper dive into how our our team of experts can help your organization start accelerating readiness today. 

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