Advanced Analytics

Solving specific, complex analytical problems

Illumination Works has experience developing full-stack big data and predictive analytics solutions, enabling businesses to discover valuable new insights faster and easier 

  • Predictive and prescriptive estimates, trends, and patterns
  • Hone analysis results to a more manageable and relevant space
  • Reveal meaningful patterns and relationships
  • Sound statistical knowledge and broad computational expertise
  • Harness big data to uncover the right data
  • Improved real-time decision making

Intense intellectual curiosity to uncover the truth that lies beneath the hidden surface of our customer’s data

Code Prediction

Turn data into actionable information, unlock hidden value, exploit patterns found in data to identify risks and opportunities, and improve confidence levels—moving the analysis bar from reactive and descriptive to proactive and prescriptive

Test Evaluation

Derive high-quality information from text to identify patterns and trends by modeling and structuring the text and making qualitative or unstructured data quantifiable, usable, and informative

Statistical Methods

Easy-to-use graphical interface with drill-down capabilities to explore and model under-utilized data for discovery and predictions to drive insights for data-driven decision making

Deep expertise applying statistical analyses and complex computer models

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