Automated Data Capture & Cleansing

Capture, cleanse, automate, analyze & predict

Illumination Works offers a novel approach for easing the maintenance data capture process, cleansing maintenance data of errors in coded fields, and automating critical analyses

  • Real-time, automated data capture during maintenance execution
  • Improved data accuracy and quality
  • Innovative solutions for analysis and prediction
  • Identification of the root cause of equipment failure
  • Improved trending of deficiencies
  • Ease the task of maintenance data entry at the point of origin

As a leader in data science, our data scientists research, prototype, and test innovative ideas in support of client projects

Mobile Data Collection App

Provides maintainers with an easy and seamless way to enter data via a variety of devices such as laptops, mobile devices, or augmented reality headsets

Text Analytics Prediction Engine

Reduces time and effort needed to document actions while improving data quality through standardization and predictions 

Error Correction Engine

Self-heal maintenance data errors through machine learning approaches to further improve the accuracy and integrity of the data 

Automated Analysis Engine

Improve trending and prediction of root cause of faulty equipment for data-based decision making with cleansed data that provides accurate insights

Deep expertise using data analysis to make predictions for the future and unknown based on patterns

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